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Get more joy out of life,


Reasonably priced therapy in a discreet residential setting:

We can all improve our relationships, especially the one we have with ourselves. 


Instead of wishing for a change or waiting for things to get better, consider developing the insight and skills to build the life that you feel is worthwhile. I can help you devise a roadmap to reach your goals.


If you want to focus on personal development and create stronger relationships, call me for a consultation. (713) 805-0032


"When I lived in Houston for a brief time while my husband was being treated for cancer Kirsten was my saving grace. She gave me a safe place to explore what was happening in my life while making me feel empowered by providing me skills and tools to better cope through the difficulties I was facing. She is a warm soul and full of knowledge and resources. I wish I lived closer!!"

"Life sure does move in mysterious ways...I am slowly, but surely settling into a groove with emphasis of me taking more time for myself each day. This step is owed to you, your wise patient counsel. I'm trying to drop perfectionism and all things related to it. Thank you for all the time and TLC, and insight you have shared with me. Much gratitude!"

"I just was at dinner with my husband and sharing with him that you have changed my life- my perspective- my self esteem and I cannot express how grateful I am for all you have done to work with me. I am a different and better human, and you are such a gift in my life. Xoxox"

Kirsten, Six months ago I met an amazing  person who has helped me in ways no one else has before. I cannot thank you enough!